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The adventure will make you enjoy the impressive landscapes.

Welcome to the website for the promotion of tourism in the communes of Shkrel & Kelmend

In the early twentieth century Edith Durham, a young British explorer, was lured towards Malësia e Madhe, the land of the Great Mountain. Despite many difficulties she was carried away by the charm of an ancient culture still alive: the land of the living past.

To relive the same emotions of Durham, we offer to the travellers to-day the discovery of Kelmend and Shkrel, two of the most remote and isolated areas of Northern Albania. The adventure will expose them to unforgettable landscapes, uncontaminated nature and the discovery of ancient traditions and customs.

The unspoilt villages have many treasures to explore and a culture to inspire and move. Peace and tranquility will be the outcome of exposure to family life. Family-run traditional guesthouses provide a warm welcome for guests with authentic cuisine for gourmets, uncontaminated nature for the naturalist and mountains for the adventurous lovers of ardous climbing. Proficient and capable guides will lead you through awe-inspiring terrain.

All the above is embellished by the wit and hilarity of inhabitants making hospitality a sacred law, unchanged over the years, the same that at the beginning of last century led the young lady to fall in love with the Northern Albania.

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Territory and Environment
A unique and seamless experience that will put you back in time!

Fans of the mountains and natural food can not visit municipalities and Shkrel Kelmendi: ideal places for outdoor walks, trekking, mountain bike ride in the middle of untouched nature, to know the people and culture of the country and to enjoy traditional local dishes. Many trails early witness to centuries of social relations between villages, are cleaned and marked with international signs and GPS, and can be described by family or friends groups, according to the desired degree of difficulty to cope, local guides are willing to giving advice and accompanied hiking in this area, which is all to be discovered! Who wants to be involved in special experience or experience moments of everyday life in height, can join the families of local communities, which from June to September, moved along with their cattle in the mountains Stanet for devote pastures and milk and cheese production. A unique and impressive experience that will put you back in time!

  • How to reach Kelmend:

    Vans (8 to 10 seats) departing after noon from Shkodra or Koplik to Kelmendi and early morning Kelmendi departing from villages to Shkodra.

  • How to reach Shkrel:

    Shkrel vans start from Shkodra or Koplik and vice versa

  • Health center:

    In Dedaj, Tamare e Vermosh. Spitale: Shkodër dhe Koplik

  • Numbers needed:

    Emergency: 126
    Police: 129
    Firefighters: 128

Local Events

Festa e Reçit

Nën hijen e drurëve shekullor të gështenjave me këngë e me vallë përkujtohet Lufta e Reçit, që daton më 30-31 Gusht 1943. Kjo festë festohet çdo vit nga viti 1947 …

Hapja e sezonit turistik

Me rastin e festes fetare të fshatit Vermosh, më 29 Qershor 2012 u zhvillua për herë të parë eventi i hapjes së sezonit turistik 2012 të Kelmendit …

Logu i Bjeshkeve

Është një manifestim kulturor që zhvillohet çdo vit që nga vitin 1998 në të shtunën e dytë të muajit Gusht në fshatin Lepushë të Kelmendit në vendin e quajtur Qafa e Predelecit …

Festa Hena e plote

Ky event zhvillohet çdo të shtunë të tretë të muajit Gusht. Fillimet i ka në vitin 2006. Ideja e krijimit të këtij eventi lindi nga një grup italian për argëtimin e të rinjëve të Kelmendit si dhe Tamara …

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